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the dangeritos team


Sarah hope

chief executive doofus

Sarah is a twenty-something year old female woman in the Middle Tennessee area. She is 5'9" tall and has a body type, as well as 2 cats and 4 siblings.

Despite not learning to ride a bike or tie her shoes until she was twelve years old, Sarah is a graduate of Columbia State Community College (GO CHARGERS!!!!!!), where she gained A LOT of street cred and a degree in "Graphic Design."

In her spare time, Sarah likes to draw pictures and play with her little sister, "Hannah."

LIKES: animals, having fun, drawing pictures

DISLIKES: bullying, piracy, halapenos

hannah goblin

VIce President of doofusry, 
chairman of the board of being dum

Hannah was born (as far as we know) and shortly thereafter made it her life's goal to be strange, unusual, bizarre, and downright weird.

When she's not being weird, she enjoys using her spare time for things like saving people's lives and making the world a better place.

She also draws pictures, but they aren't as good as the ones her older and superior sister, Sarah, draws.

LIKES: whatever that thing is in her hand, apparently

DISLIKES: blinking


tuptake ferguson

senior manager, blubbery

Tuptake joins the Dangeritos Team after a long and prestigious career in the field of Blubbery and Being Ridiculously Fat. She is excited to offer the company her wide array of knowledge and expertise gathered in her years of experience.

Not only is Tup remarkably gelatinous, she is also fluent in several languages, including Cat, Squeaky Cat, Squirrel, and Chicken.

LIKES: gluttony, hair ties, swallowing her own puke

DISLIKES: baths, being punished for pooping in your bed

pam uhla


Pam was sold to the Dangeritos Team at a yard sale in 2018. For free.

She is certified as an emotional support animal, despite having no prior education in the field of psychology.

LIKES: them shrimp treats

DISLIKES: being stepped on in the middle of the night

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